Dual flush toilet conversion.

dual flush toilet installation

Water is becoming scarcer here in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. For many years we have had watering restrictions in place. The community has done a great job by xeriscaping their front and back yards and installing low water usage drip systems.  Millions of gallons have been saved as a result.

There are a number of things you can do inside your home to reduce your water usage. Low flow toilets, low flow shower heads, grey water recycling systems etc...

One of the easiest though is to convert your existing toilet to a dual flush water saving system.  A dual flush system will give you the option of a quick flush for liquids and paper and a full flush for solids. A dual flush system uses up to 70% less water with paper and liquids.

These systems can be installed fairly quickly in your existing toilet by a plumber. The old flush mechanism is removed which includes the flush valve, seals, flapper and trip lever.  The flush valve and flapper is replaced by a new flush mechanism and the trip lever is replaced by a push button that allows you to select full or half flushes.  Once everything is checked for leaks it is ready to use.

These systems eliminate the most common problems in a toilet the flapper, chain and trip lever.

Call Central Plumbing to have a dual flush water saving system installed in your toilet today.