High Water Pressure

High water pressure in rio rancho

Your water pressure naturally fluctuates throughout the day. Water pressure drops in high water use times (i.e..: breakfast time) and rises when demand is low.
The city regulates water pressure at their pumping stations with special pressure regulating valves.

Recently in Rio Rancho, specifically the Cabazon subdivision, there was a major failure of a pressure regulating valve. This failure caused a severe pressure spike (over 150 psi) which caused pipes to burst and homes to flood. In this area alone 60-100 homes were effected.

One way to protect your home against these pressure spikes is to install your own Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV). This valve is usually installed where ever the main water shutoff valve for the house is located. They can also be installed under the ground next to the water meter or tied into the water softener loop.

Once installed and calibrated correctly the PRV will keep a constant level of pressure inside your home regardless of the pressure level out on the street. PRV's require no ongoing maintenance.

A PRV valve is the best way to combat high pressure spikes and protect your home against burst pipes and flooding.