Top 5 Plumbing Mistakes

Poly Butylene Repipe Rio Rancho

Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine tablets in the tank are a great way to keep your toilet clean and fresh but did you know that the chlorine attacks the rubber components in the tank?  Chlorine breaks down the rubber and weakens it causing warping and subsequent leaks.

Garbage Disposals

Trying to chop up things like egg shells, nut shells or anything that is dense or stringy can cause a blockage at your disposal. Try not to force anything down too quickly and use plenty of water after to flush the line. New Mexico residents pay special attention to your green chili skins and seeds!

Liquid Drain Cleaners

Liquid drain cleaners need ideal conditions to work correctly. After being poured down the drain they need to sit on the blockage for hours so that the caustic chemicals can eat away at the blockage. The problem is that most blockages are partial causing the drain cleaner to slide right past the blockage and further down the drain. These chemicals can also damage the pipes causing more costly repairs. The only way to truly clean a drain line is to have it snaked. Snaking removes almost all traces of the blockage. Dont pour your hard earned money down the drain!

A Toilet Flapper Eaten Away By ChlorineThe Spare Bathroom

If you have a spare bathroom that rarely gets used make it a point to go in there at least once a week and flush toilets, turn on faucets etc.  Faucets that aren’t used can developproblems with their internal components. Sinks that aren’t used will cause the p-trap to eventually dry out allowing toxic sewer gas to enter the home.

Over Tightening Faucets

A faucet in good working order should only need a slight turn after it is closed to seal the washer properly. Tightening a faucet too much will cause the washer to compress and it will have to be replaced much sooner than normal. If a faucet still leaks after closing you may have a bad seat that needs to be replaced.